The Start – Deciding to become an entrepreneur

The Project: Oroundo
October 26, 2015
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The Start – Deciding to become an entrepreneur

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In this first blog post on my page I want to give you my feelings and thoughts on the decision I made to become and entrepeneur. Founding a company, running my own business sounds really unreal for so many people. And I can tell you, it was the same for me.

When I started working for others with the age of 15, I was always impressed by the people employing me, providing me work and precious money. But I was always missing something. I always wanted to be in their position. I always wanted to be that guy who allows other people to live a good live with the money they get from him. That sounded surreal but I was thinking about that on a daily bases. Every time I started a new job (mostly part time during school and university) I always tried to gather as much infomation as possible from the people who where employing me. It was not always the best experience – I can tell you. This was the first time I realy learned somthing about the term „power“. It would turn out to be one of the most important factors in live.

When you start working your ass off for literally no money at all, you start thinking about yourself. I asked myself the question : „How much am I worth? Is it really only 7-8 Euros per hour?“. You have to know that I worked in mostly every job you can imagine, from construction to promotion, everything was in my portfolio back in the days. So the very clear answer for my question was: NO!. Time for money is not a really good deal at all but there are only a few ways to do it differently. One of them was finding a mentor who already owns a business who could give me advice on that topic. I found this mentor who is now one of my business partners and we started working together.

Together we created Oroundo Mobile, as business which focusses on communication between smartphone users and cultural institutions. One of our technologies we use are beacons. This year was really exciting for us, as we got more developers on the team to create more value for our customers and to be able to react faster on market-changes. And believe me one thing, the mobile market, the user needs and the needs and tools of communication are changing a lot these day.

On this blog I will talk about technologie, new visions and projects on a weekly bases. Feel free to start a communication with me, I am always open for other opinions and views. The next information will be about our current project “Oroundo Vienna”. We create a new experience for new year´s “Silvesterpfad” with our application and services. You can find all the information on our Facebook-page or here.

Stay focused!


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